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Providing clients with tools to keep focused and on target for living a life without regrets
The core service of our practice is Wealth Management. That is helping clients to organize, simplify and manage their financial resources. Our mission is to provide the very best service to our clients so that they can concentrate on the important issues in their lives—family time, travel, charitable work, career building, or higher education.

How do you know if you could benefit from the services of a qualified financial planner?

You may not have the expertise, the time or the desire to actively plan and manage certain financial aspects of your life. Even if you have spent years managing your own portfolio, you can still benefit from an objective, third-party perspective on what are often emotional, difficult decisions. And in today’s hectic world, it can be beneficial just to have a financial specialist looking over your shoulder to double-check your planning efforts and make sure you stay focused and follow through with your financial plans.

Costs Associated with Our Services

At Nautica Wealth Advisors your initial meeting with us is always complimentary. We want to ensure you have an opportunity to interview us and determine if we would be good partners and stewards of your wealth. As part of the discovery process, we will fully disclose and discuss how we are paid so you can make an informed decision.

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to relieve you of the daily burden of financial management. As fee-based financial advisors our compensation is tied to how well we meet your stated objectives over time, which not only makes us accountable to you, but removes any potential conflicts of interest in the advice we provide. Since we’re not product manufacturers or distributors, and are not compensated on a transaction basis, we’re able to maintain full objectivity throughout the planning and investment process. By coordinating our services with your legal and tax professionals we give you the freedom to enjoy life, pursue your passions and ultimately, live a life without regrets.

Financial Planning

We believe that the pursuit of your financial goals deserves a well-thought out and executed financial plan, and full-time professional advice. Learn more

 Investment Management

We live in an age of more prosperity and opportunity than ever before. We earn more, and spend more, increasing our need to plan for the future with the money and other assets we accumulate. Learn more

Estate Planning

Effective estate management enables you to manage your affairs during your lifetime and control the distribution of your wealth after death. Learn more

Tax Planning

Understanding tax strategies and managing your tax bill should be part of any sound financial approach. Learn more