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Insurance Planning

Planning for life's unexpected eventualities is critical in managing your wealth. Getting in touch with a financial advisor is your first step towards managing and mitigating unexpected damages and claims.

As you make your steps towards insurance planning, you should keep in mind some of these important features of risk management.

Planning for Death and Disability

Think first about your estate and what you can do to protect your loved ones should your untimely death occur. An insurance policy can be part of your estate plan and can provide a lot more security than a simple will. Talk to your financial advisor about this possibility, and also look at taking out a life insurance policy.

If an unforeseen medical emergency leaves you alive, you may still face a permanent disability that prevents you from working. You can also insure against this possibility with a separate policy.

Protecting Your Assets

Once you have a plan in place just in case something major happens, you can also take steps to protect your retirement income. Nautica Wealth Advisors can help you determine which options are good for that.

If you have the right kind of car and home insurance, an accident or natural disaster could turn into a payout rather than an impediment. Call us at (858) 256-7020 for a comprehensive review to help figure out the best insurance planning for your situation.

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