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Financial Planning

We believe that the pursuit of your financial goals deserves a well-thought out and executed financial plan, and full-time professional advice. Whether you are already in retirement or on the road to that dream, the services of our team may add value to your financial program.

We know from experience that managing money is the easy part, the difficult part is in keeping up with all the tax, retirement rules, and estate law changes that ultimately will affect your wealth more than the markets’ gyrations. And the busier and more successful you become, the less time you have to keep up with all the changes. Even the most savvy people find it hard to manage it all on their own.

As your financial advocates, let us guide you through our six-step life planning process:

Step 1 –Articulate your Goals

We begin by listening. We want to understand your goals, your fears, and your personal attitude about risk and investing. We’ll talk about your aspirations and what you hope to achieve through planning. We discuss our services and what you can expect in establishing a relationship with Nautica Wealth Advisors.

Step 2 – Organizing Resources

We will organize your financial data and present a complete picture of your current financial situation, including income, taxes, investments and insurance. Once all of the data are compiled, we will analyze the relationship between these components and identify specific areas that need to be addressed to work toward your goals.

Step 3- Plan Design

Your comprehensive plan will include both quantitative information with net worth statement, investment allocation summary and cash flow analysis as well as a qualitative report that provides our recommendations for putting your current and future financial resources to work in the most effective way to help pursue your life goals.

Together we will determine an appropriate Personal Portfolio Bench Mark to design your portfolio with the appropriate mix of investments that takes into consideration your need for safety and return potential.

Step 4- Implement Your Plan

Based on your stated goals and tolerance for risk, we build an investment portfolio we believe will better position you for financial independence. We seek out asset managers to guide your investment program and monitor them against your Personal Portfolio Bench Mark to make certain your portfolio is performing to your stated objectives. We continually strive to uncover potential investment opportunities suited to your particular needs. As requested, we will also coordinate the services of other professionals (attorneys, accountants, trustees) or trusted family members to help implement your plan.

Step 5-Monitor your progress

With our open and frequent communication we make certain that you understand how all your financial decisions will impact your plan. Monitoring your progress on a regular basis is critical to working toward your life goals. We will conduct regular periodic reviews of your program to measure progress and make revisions as warranted by market, economic or lifestyle changes.

Step 6- Ongoing guidance

Financial planning is not a product, it is a process. Your financial life is dynamic and requires constant attention to ensure that you remain financially healthy. We value and encourage having open and honest dialogue about your needs, concerns and evolving life goals. Our financial advisors are always available to answer questions and continue to guide you as your life or priorities change.


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