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Our Mission

Building Relationships and Enriching Lives

Nautica Wealth Advisors was formed through the merger of two respected investment planning firms, each with a passion for helping clients work toward their life goals: Wayne Warner & Associates, founded in 1983 is a pioneer in the field of financial planning while Lerner & Lerner, founded in 1994 incorporate life-goal planning concepts to guide clients. Both companies have earned a reputation for building lasting client relationships. Putting clients’ interests first, without compromise, remains our vision to this day.

In managing our business and working with clients, we follow these guiding principles:

  • The relationships we build with our clients are for life

  • Planning is the critical first step to an independent financial future

  • Integrity is paramount—our deeds must match our words

  • Excellence in all aspects of our practice can only be achieved through a dedication to education, skill enhancements and being open to new ideas

  • Collaboration is essential and we will involve clients in every step of the wealth building, wealth distribution and wealth preservation process

  • Using technology to enhance our client services and lower costs is essential but will never replace the “personal touch” that is the corner stone of our relationships

  • Simplicity and candor are essential to our client’s confidence. Our task is to simplify the complexities of finances and add clarity to the decision making process for our clients

  • Common sense is a valuable tool in life and critical to planning and investing

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